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The network, "Online Medieval Manuscript Guide held in Wallonia and Brussels" is a project leaded by the Centre International de Codicologie (CIC) asbl and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. is a virtual and human network which currently comprises 37 establishments from Wallonia and Brussels, and includes several mediaeval manuscript specialists who are working together on the project.

With their help, is now able to offer a COLLECTIVE INVENTORY of all the mediaeval manuscripts held in Wallonia and Brussels in the form of an ONLINE GUIDE.

Objectives has been focusing on three objectives over the past two years (June 2005-June 2007): to locate, inventory and describe all these manuscripts, whether they are illuminated or not and accessible or unaccessible to the public. It has created a multi-criteria online database based on this inventory.

The 1,300 manuscript descriptions are now online, ready for consultation:
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